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Zipline / Flying Fox

Laser Skirmish

Tumbling Tower

Possum Fly

The Low Ropes Course

The Mission Mud Course


Rock Wall Climbing


Bush Surfing

Raft Building


Mini Survivor Olympics

Outback Art

Adventure Hike

Closing Race and Chase

Dangerous Animals Show

Djembe Drums


Slip n Slide


Human Hungry Hippos


Night Activities:

Star Warts


Concert and Disco

Big Screen Movie Night

Laser Clay Shooting

Tall Tales Bonfire and Sing Along with Bush Cooking

Night Hike

Night Archery

Night Kayaking

Traditional Activities Available: - 

Leadership and Communication:


The Amazing Race

Mission Possible

Team Building Initiatives

Anti Bullying Programs

Self Esteem and Confidence

Get into the Workforce!

Expedition Activities

Hike or kayak to site

Camp setup

Camp cooking on site for each meal


The hike to and up Mount Greville, to the west and south of Lake Moogerah, features the famous Palm Gorge. This is a steep bushwalk (class 5) but well worth the effort. Mt Greville is 770m and situated in the Moogerah National Park. The bushwalk, starting from Mount Greville Road, encompases the magnificent Waterfall Gorge and leads to an open area where you have great views of Moogerah Dam and Mt Moon. Grass trees abound in this area. On the way down look at the spectacular Palm Gorge, populated with palms, staghorn, elkhorn, mosses and lichens and with sheer cliff faces on either side.


  • Bonfire and reflection

  • Solo reflection

  • Pack down of camp

  • Kayak or hike back to base


Expedition activities are a minimum of 3 days / 2 nights and can also include traditional activities such as are listed above.  Please call 1800 448 462



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