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From our guests...

"I am typing to say thank you to each and every one of you for making this years camp trip the best ever! You all taught us so much that will help us in life."

"One of the most important things we learned was that if you keep a positive  out look on life then your life won't be miserable - awesome!"

"I am extremely grateful for my amazing experience at  Camp QLD. I now have many inspiring memories that will benefit me in the future. I have achieved things that I never would have without camp."

"I have learnt to respect other peoples decision and not be selfish I would like to thank you form making this the best camp ever!"

You helped me learn how to build  my skills in co-operation, agility, strength and helped me to build a logical mind.

In the end I didn't want to go I had had so much fin and got used to the wonderful environment, I could have stayed another two weeks.

I feel that I have found out more about my friends and myself, our strengths and weaknesses. I have learned so much I couldn't have done it without you.

I learned different types of things like teamwork, patience and respect. I loved the game called Star Wars, so fun to play at night time.

A valuable experience that i had was the mud course because lots of kids wouldn't have that experience unless they went into the army.

I am now more confident and stronger and can do much more than I ever expected. I feel I can do anything that life throws at me and I am sure this feeling will always be there deep in my heart.

Thank ou for making this camp one of the best Ive had. The most important things I learnt at camp: always have a good attitude and things may not be as you expect it to be but you should still have a go!

being on your camp is an experience I will remember for a life time. My favourite activity was the mud course. It was the first time I have ever been totally covered in mud. I'm sure everybody would agree when I say that this was on e of the best camps we've ever had.

I love going on your camp because I got to try new things. It helped others to over come their fears as well as my own. At camp I leaned that sometimes its hard to get up after you've been hurt but you can always do it. You can always stand up after you've fallen down.

I understand now that it takes patience to work as a team also it requires communication and persistence.

I LOVED the food it was amazing - yummy!!!! I loved the teamwork because it helped us to have good chats about how to workout problems.


From the Teachers

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for an awesome camp the students really enjoyed it as did I!! The staff were very friendly, flexible and accommodating to our needs. The facility itself was immaculate with good resources and activities for the students to get involved in. The food was delicious and the students were definitely full by the end of every meal."  March 2014

"A fun jam packed camp. food was delicious and plenty of it."

September 2014 Grade 6 QLD State Scjhool

"You guys are awesome! We really enjoyed our time there again"
September 2014 Key Assets

"The students had an awesome time and are still talking about it. Definitely the highlight of their year!"
October 2014

"Camp QLD has been such a great experience for our students and the staff there have been amazing."
Feb 2015

"The yummiest food and the best activities 10/10 !!!!!"
March 2015  Grade 4 QLD State School

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