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About Us...


Leadership Under the Stars Inc has been operating since 2016. 

Leadership Under the Stars Inc is a non-profit organisation which provides services such as counselling, support work, respite, accommodation, catering and activities.

Mission Statement
  • Leaderships purpose is to provide every person the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

  • Provide organisers of groups with a service that is efficient and easy to use and gives the organiser more time to concentrate on the content rather than administrative work.

  • To provide a service which is consistent in customer service. You always know what to expect.

  • To provide a safe environment for people so that they can rest assured that their your loved ones are in good hands of professional facilitators who understand the needs of people.

  • To provide you with opportunity to try something new, to challenge themselves and to bond with one another. Regardless of age, sex, weight, nationality or any other perceived differences.

  • To provide an environment based on the great outdoors. All activities are conducted outside throughout our camps. The only tinme for indoors is sleeping.

  • To make a profit and reinvest that profit into enhancing and growing educational, social and emotional intelligence of facilitators, children, young adults and adults that come into contact with Leadership. And to also give back to the community making a better community for now and in future.

  • Planting the seed to make better choices for a better future.

  • Having respect for yourself, one another, authority and their elders.

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions

  • Making choices based on consequences and the effects on yourself and others

  • Strong work ethic

  • Spritiual based learning

  • Forgiveness, patience, trust, loyalty and acceptance

  • Living a healthy lifestyle including coping skills to exist in the community now and in future.

Our Team

Each member of our team is dedicated to making your mental, emotional and physical health a success.  Our team work tirelessly with you to give you the opportunity to have a positive lasting experience.

Our core team has been with us for a number of years. Please see our Team Page for details on each of our team members.

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